Shourab spring & waterfall

In the path of “Firuzkuh” to “Qaemshahr” (in Mazandaran province), after Gaduk and just at the railway tunnel exit, on the eastern slope of the river, the Shourab spring emerged near Shourab village.

Water from this spring because of the transition from underground layers of sulfur is not usable as drinking water.  Thus say it “Shourab” (Salty water). Water Spring after leaving the mountain is flowing on the slope to the river, and leaves soluble salts in the form of colorful deposits in its path. As a result of the accumulation of these colorful deposits, cascading staircase to the valley is formed. Various colors of deposits on the slope signs that Water-soluble salts have changed at different times.

Shourab Spring and waterfall in the position of “Zone 39: 3970399.11 N, 676928.51 E” is located in Mazandaran province.

Image by “Bahram Mohaghegh” from the road Firuzkuh – Qaemshahr and taken with a view to the East.

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