Iran is the paradise for geologists

Iran is the paradise for geologists. This sentence was said by International geologists, after visiting Iran and see the natural beauty and geological phenomena. Iran is due to being in the Alpine Himalayan orogenic belt and collision zone of the Eurasian – Gondwana supercontinents, has a complex and interesting geological history. 

Tectonic movements, compression and tensile forces, uplift and erosion, in a vast land with low vegetation,have created the beautiful and eye-catching landscapes of geological phenomena.

Deserts, plains and mountains, high plateaus, rivers and waterfalls, seas and lakes, faults, folds, salt domes, landslides and mass movements, volcanoes and associated structures, rocky outcrops, slopes and alluvial plains, beautiful caves, numerous mines, fossils and minerals varied, part of Iran’s natural and geological beauty.

You probably knew Iran in the past, with it’s magnificent and the greatness monuments, The great and monumental history, and kind and hospitable people. So give us your hands until you’re familiar with other beauties of Iran. There are many Geo Parks and Geo sites in Iran that will increase your enjoyment of travel to this country. We show you the unique natural beauty in Iran, that Like it less seen.

The hottest place on Earth, the largest lake on Earth, the biggest landslide in history, one of the world’s largest water cave, the highest volcano in Asia, one of the world’s largest salt lake, one of the world’s tallest stone wall, one of the largest deserts in the world, beautiful and unique salt domes, one of the unique stone cities of the world, and other beautiful landscapes are all in Iran.

All the attractions with low cost traveling, unbeatable security, and hospitable people, have turned Iran into an attractive destination for travel.

“Zamin gasht” is a window to meet you the natural beauty and geological phenomena of Iran. We have a number of Iranian geologists that are trying to identified beautifully of Iran’s geology to tourists and Geo-tourists in all over the world.

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