Emam hasan member

Gurpi formation is one of the formation in the Folded Zagros. This formation with bluish-green color consist of alternation of marl and grey shale with intercalations of thin bedded limestone.

This formation also has two limestone members so called “Emam Hasan” and “Seymareh”.

“Emam Hasan limestone member” consist of fine grained limestone, with thick bedded and grey in color with intercalations of marl. This member is feature forming than the other layers of Gurpi formation.

The age of Gurpi formation is Upper Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian (84 to 66 million years ago)).

The photo shows Emam Hasan limestone member in Anjir anticline in the south of Ilam.

Keywords: Cretaceous , Emam Hasan member , Gurpi formation , Ilam ,  Iran Geology , Iran Geotourism , Zagros Mountain , Zamin gasht

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