Qezel ozan river

Qezel ozan river is one of the longest rivers of Iran that originate from the Zagros mountain range in Kurdistan and East Azerbaijan provinces. Along the way of Qezel ozan, “Hyrochay”,”Zanjanrood” and “Shahrood” are added to it and arrive to Manjil Dam Lake. From the dam site to the Caspian Sea, the river is called “Sepidroud”.
Qezel ozan River is the only river that originates from Zagros mountain and crossing Alborz mountain, finally flows into the Caspian Sea. Its length is 670 km measured.
Qezel ozan is a phrase in Turkish language and composed of two sections, “Qezel” and “Ozan”. It means “the Great and glorious river”.
The above picture shows a view of river valley in the north-east of Mianeh city and North of Qaflankuh mountain. In this area, the river passes from the West towards the East in a deep canyon (700 meters) and among of the maze of rocks and resistant layers. In this area, slopes are steep and cliff form and end to sharp peak, at the highest points. At the heart of this rough topography, the river has dug its bed as Entrenched meander.
In this area, thick and well bedded extrusive igneous rocks and Pyroclastic rocks, with low angle to the south are build all of ridges of area. This river valley caused by tectonic and erosion has been created over a long time and During long time, the river flows in it.

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